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Guangzhou Yuhua Packaging Co., Ltd.
  Guangzhou Yuhua Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating the design, production and sale of plastic packaging together. is a manufacturer of PP, PE, ABS, AS, PET, PETG as raw materials. Specialized in research and development, production and processing of all kinds of plastic bottles, plastic covers and plastic pumps, so far has several independent intellectual property patents.


In order to satisfy various product requirements of customers, we can provide processing plant silk screening, painting, frosting, decal, engraving, polishing, and other technology. We have advanced quality inspection system to ensure that every bottle is quality product. Meanwhile, we have established close relationships with business partners, which make us provide various plastic products and hardware literally and timely. Creating value for customers is our business philosophy, to improve product quality is our purpose. We always believe that the recognized packaging is a good packaging, looking forward to your presence!





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Customer Ever Said

A very responsible supplier with many years of cooperation. During the cooperation period, we have encountered many problems, but we will take on and solve the problems. We are getting better and better. Whether it is communication or products, it is a very good and responsible supplier and friends. -- Meikel Bigl

After cooperating for 6 years, from small orders to large orders, from spot products to customized products, Ming gave me a lot of professional advice and help. I hope that in the next 6 years, we will continue to achieve a win-win situation and do better together. -- Tera