2022 CBE Guangzhou China

August 30, 2022
Latest company news about 2022 CBE Guangzhou China

China International Beauty Fair has been adhering to a high degree of social responsibility, in the full implementation of the key period of production resumption, safe exhibition is our common pursuit. Therefore, with the efforts of various parties, we have created the "Exhibition Safety GO" column, which will release the epidemic prevention and control information related to the exhibition in the first time, so that everyone can "feel at ease to participate in the exhibition and visit the exhibition". From September 4th to 7th, the 60th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Fair will launch a large-scale pet powder feedback activity on the site -- "97 Pet Powder Festival". Through hundreds of millions of traffic exposure resources of the beauty Fair platform, the united thousands of beauty Fair exhibitors, many beauty industry brands, love to build, heavy presentation!