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New Arrival Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Bottle Sets

July 24, 2023

  The cosmetic bottle suit is a unique and innovative packaging solution designed to provide both style and functionality for cosmetic products. With their attractive designs and practical features, these bottle suits offer a trendy and convenient way to package and protect various cosmetic items.

  So do you know what are the precautions about cosmetic packaging customization?

  First, the functional aspects are included, mainly including:
1. Mechanical properties. Can effectively protect the product, with a certain strength, toughness and elasticity, can adapt to the pressure, shock, vibration and other static and dynamic factors.
2. Barrier performance. According to the different packaging requirements of cosmetics, packaging materials must have a certain barrier performance for moisture, light, aromatic gas and so on.
3. Compatibility performance. Packaging materials in high temperature and humidity environment storage, cosmetics or packaging will not produce unacceptable changes, especially in the process of transportation or use, can adapt to the change of temperature and its environment, will not react with packaging materials, the appearance and physical properties of the packaging material remain good.
4. Seal performance. Packaging materials guarantee certain sealing properties, and there is no internal material leakage after various environmental changes.
5. Economic performance. While ensuring the packaging quality, we must consider the economic performance and cost requirements, carry out the comparative test of different materials, and then select the appropriate and economical packaging materials according to the experience.

  Second, the quality aspects, mainly include:
1. Poor appearance. In cosmetics OEM OEM, many product packaging boxes, bottles, bags and a variety of other packaging materials, often appear damage, scratches, ink, glue, and other defects. Some outer cartons will even appear size and other low-level errors.
2. Incomplete facilities. Many cosmetics are not just a bottle, a box can meet. For example, the coating material of the cream is generally composed of bottles, covers, hand pads, boxes, inside supports, labels, etc. There are many small parts, and it is easy to miss a part of the production process, and whether the outer carton and color box are matched, and so on.
3. False capacity. The main reason is that the container capacity is very different from the marked specifications. For example, the standard specification of emulsion bottle is 50ML, while the actual packaging capacity is 30ML or 70ML, the gap is very large, and the quantity of packaging materials cannot be accurately estimated.
4. Incorrect format. The format of the outer packaging of cosmetics does not meet the national standards, for example: the full name of the cosmetics manufacturer, production license and implementation standards are not clearly indicated; the imported products do not contain Chinese instructions, etc.

  However, our cosmetics bottle packaging adhere to the strict process standards, to a great extent to avoid these problems, our factory has more than 14 years of packaging experience, packaging experience is very rich, welcome new and old customers to come to consult.

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